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Hubbell Power Systems

Replaced legacy amp with Bogen's M600. Upgraded 25+ horns and added another 15+ to better cover 350,000 sq. ft. of production area. Existing environment was 20+ years old. We just replaced and added horns where needed plus replaced the amp saving the customer over $50,000 to a total replacement option.

Spartanburg Dist 1 

Replaced (6) intercoms with Bogen's Quantum IP solution. Rewired one school upgrading their existing Multicom 2000 to the Quantum IP. Seven schools now networked as one. Here we only replaced the head-end controller, upgraded a few call buttons in some classrooms and added a few speakers in the halls saving the district an average of $65K per school.


Replaced 10 year old legacy amp with Bogen's TPU250 supporting more horns for better coverage. Enabled alert tones for refrigeration failures as required by the worlds largest food cold storage provider. In this case it seems no other vendor could provide what was required here. A simple $5K upgrade made this client very happy.


Replaced (8) legacy amps with Bogen's M600 series amps running mono pushing 9,600 watts plus additional horns to cover 1.5 million sq. ft. of warehousing. Over (150) 30 watt paging horns correctly installed by Cloud Networx. As the lowest bidder we saved the customer over $90K.

Bogen Quantum SC NC
SC NC School Intercoms
Bogen School Intercom Clocks SC NC
School Intercom System SC NC

Phone: 864-230-3361

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